• New Heart Church (map)
  • 65 South Main Street
  • Spencer, IN, 47460
  • United States

Come out and get in touch with your artistic side as we journal in our bibles! What is bible journaling, you ask? It's decorating your bible through inspiration of what the words are saying to you (aka drawing in your bible). Didn't your mom spank you for doing that as a kid? It's under the blood. Isn't drawing in your bible a sin? Not unless you're overly religious/legalistic (yeah, we said it!). Shouldn't you only highlight scripture for study or write in notes? No! In all seriousness, this is a way for ladies (or fellas) of all ages to talk about what God is showing them in scripture, have a creative outlet (did you know the first mention of the Holy Spirit coming on people was for creativity. . .Exodus 31:3), all while having a great time. If that sounds interesting to you, come out and join us!!